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I'm a London based designer, maker and engineer using computational techniques to build new tools and instruments of creation
Custom Slicer
Creating toolpaths directly from complex geometry efficiently and flexibly
Tool and design development with Studio Ini for their installation Urban Imprint
Using ray-tracing and a genetic algorithm to automate lens design
Scaffold Generator
Automatic creation of joint and beam fabrication files from any mesh or line file
Prototype texturing and structuring tools for product design with a focus on including experience as well as objective performance
Fractured Puzzles
A tool to digitally shatter objects and automatically produce 3D printable files from the resulting pieces
Augmented Nature
a set of robotic tools that aim to help animals adapt to the next mass extinction. More info here
Generatively designed masks using simulation as a medium
Ongoing exploration of different materials and design processes to create decorative pieces
A new range of ceramic pots for Almas Design in collaboration with Studio Levien
Surface Texture Aesthetics
Ongoing exploration into organic algorithmic texturing
An accompanying scale model of Steuart Padwick's public sculpture for London Design Festival 2018 aimed at displaying the capabilities of 3D printing
A co-created chair where ubiquitous computer vision attempts design
Directional Lattices
Giving directionality to otherwise amorphous titanium SLM lattice designs
A set of explorations into algorithmically generated structures and textures for products that led to the founding of Abnormal Design
A realtime, multichannel generative soundscape for V&A Reveal Festival
A magneto-acoustic resonance filter: turning piano strings into a new form of creative audio effect
An audio device that sculpts ambient noise to bring immersion and delight in the every day
A new experimental means of sound production
Sound reworking and installing for the Material Think Space's performance debut at Hayward Art Night London
a performative interpretation of humanity's relationship with the future
Site management and design for a charity music festival